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Our mission is to find perfectly polished executives.

Finding suitable executives is one of the greatest challenges for any company.

This is especially true today, in the light of digital transformation and the far-reaching changes we are facing across the globe. Besides finding the best-qualified professional, it is more important than ever to find an individual whose personality also fits the position in question. Due to our outstanding expertise, we support you in your strategic personnel decisions. Operating on a national and international scale, we help find executives to fill C-level, management, supervisory or advisory board positions with a long-term commitment.

Among our clients are many family-owned businesses, including numerous hidden champions, as well as global subsidiaries. Our key strengths are a transparent approach, a carefully curated portfolio of high-caliber candidates, and a trained eye for the people who can make a big difference.

What are the challenges you currently face in terms of personnel and human resource planning?

We look forward to discussing them with you.

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Proetzl Executive Search in figures

Measurable success is what sets us apart.

years of collective
experience in executive search
successful searches,
nationally and internationally,
since 1993
sustainable placements
reassignments (for new positions)
from our previous clients
of placements took their next
career step internally
within 3-5 years
GDPR conformity
  • Recruiting high-caliber talent.
    With our 5-pro model

    Looking for charismatic leaders who will radiate positive energy in their intended role, create resonance, and set the course for the future? To achieve this, various parameters must be perfectly aligned. These parameters are pinpointed in our specially developed 5-pro model.

  • pro | competence

    Our candidates should not only be professionally convincing. They should stand out. Our experience guarantees that we identify those personalities that make the difference! In addition to the qualification check, we also obtain random references. This saves you time and gives you the certainty that you are making the right decision.

  • pro | culture

    Cultural fit makes all the difference. Shared values are the basis for working together. A common vision, behind which everyone is united, generates immense traction and promises success. This is especially true in the current turbulent climate.

  • pro | chemistry

    Teams, including their leaders, need diversity. Only then they can operate successfully. If everyone in the organization ticks the same way, nothing moves forward. The same is true if they are too different. That’s why we focus on the perfect balance of characteristics that complement each other and which, in combination, lead to success.

  • pro | clarity

    Clarity in the expectations of both sides, candidate and company, creates commitment from the first exchange. As a quality-conscious personnel consulting firm, we feel out exactly what moves both parties, where there are wishes, open questions, perhaps also concerns. We see ourselves as trustworthy moderators in the communication process and accompany the dialog to the point where everything is really clear – and the match is perfect.

  • pro | commitment

    Each executive role that we expect to fill is more than just a job: we are committing ourselves to a major task. Hence, what ultimately matters, is the conviction that we can and want to make a difference together. Only when this energy is at 100% will we be 100% satisfied.


Shining with all-round expertise.

Brilliant at | Executive Search

Leadership has never been more important than today, in these current times of digital transformation and global change. Excellent leaders with an agile mindset are willing to adapt and unite their teams behind a common goal. They are our hidden treasures.

To unearth them, we require an accurate picture of your company, the tasks at hand, and your corporate culture. We then commence our treasure hunt to find exactly the right candidate for you. Our high-quality standards and complex processes mean that we will work solely and exclusively for you. From start to finish, you can rely on openness and absolute discretion.

Brilliant at | Corporate Succession

Corporate succession is a complex affair. It is often a highly emotional process that can harbor hidden tensions. Understandably, company founders can find it difficult to hand the product of their years of labor over to the younger generation. After all, they have made the company what it is today.

Time delays and diverging visions concerning future strategies can place enormous strain on corporate succession. An experienced partner can smooth the process considerably and help achieve agreement. You can therefore rely on our experience during this time of transition. We have the foresight and finesse to help you find someone with whom you feel comfortable, leaving you to confidently step back and enjoy the freedom you deserve.

To complement our own areas of expertise, our selected network of partners can offer the following equally valuable services:

Brilliant at | Management Audit

As a qualified partner, we help you tap into the existing potentials within your company. Personnel decisions at management level are communicated in comprehensible terms. To this end, a transparent selection process with criteria such as professional skills, personality traits, and psychometric factors, build the foundation.

Whatever the outcome, everyone involved will personally benefit from the audit. In addition to your intuition, you will gain a clear idea from a company perspective of the best candidate for the job and why. Moreover, audit participants generally appreciate the transparency and honest feedback from external experts. This is usually more readily accepted than an internal assessment, and development potentials are easier to identify.

Kerstin Danzl, M.Sc. Business Psychologist & HR Manager →
Languages: German and English

Brilliant at | Hogan Assessment®

Personality is the deciding factor in executive roles. But which character traits enable us to predict how candidates will prove themselves in their intended role?

Using the established Hogan Assessment®, we offer you a valid diagnostic tool that delivers answers to fundamental questions: What drives the management candidate? How willing is the candidate to achieve? How will the candidate perform in stressful situations? And, most importantly: Does the candidate’s values match those of your company? The special feature of the Hogan personality assessment (besides the high level of validity) is that external perception, i.e., the reputation of an individual, is considered. Specifically: How is an executive perceived by superiors, colleagues, customers, etc. in different situations? The Hogan Assessment® is an invaluable tool with which we make a scientifically valid decision.

Kerstin Danzl, M.Sc. Business Psychologist & HR Manager →
Languages: German and English

Brilliant at | Executive Coaching and Mediation

Leadership skills do not fall from the sky. Even experienced managers must first acclimatize to new constellations.

With 25 years’ experience of leading as an entrepreneur (more than 200 employees), underpinned by many years in top executive coaching, Ms Tiba-Ehlers can help you discover and develop your own leadership style. With her support, you can uncover your personal assets and remove any obstacles. You will thus gain new freedom to flex your skills and charm.

Our specialties are, among others, authentic leadership, mindful leadership, stress management, and handling and solving conflicts.

Almut Tiba-Ehlers →
Languages: German and English

Brilliant at | Personnel and Organisation Development

With our partner for personnel and organisational development we support companies during structural and organisational changes.

In over 25 years of top management, Dr. Schmechta has been able to experience again and again that employees who can do more and achieve more than is actually expected of them are the real drivers and the most important asset of every company. That’s why he developed the “Footstep Management Concept” to precisely identify these talents both within and outside the company, to develop them in a qualified manner and to bind them sustainably. Thus, we always make our customers the “employer of choice”: THE attractive and sought-after employer in the competition for the best talent and specialists.

Personnel & Organization Footstep Management​ is a process-oriented management approach in human resources and organization to optimize processes and structures along the employee life cycle. It is focused on the identification, development and leverage of top-notch talent and efficient teams within the organization.

  • We analyze your HR & organizational challenges.
  • We prepare you for upcoming changes.
  • We will implement the necessary measures with you.
  • We accompany you in sustainably realizing your goals.
Dr. Ralf Schmechta →
Languages: German and English

Industry Focus

Fully connected, fully engaged:
Our areas of expertise.

We have in-depth knowledge of the markets and demands for personnel in the following industries. Placements here range from sales and marketing, operations, and R&D to finance and controlling, and management/executive board, advisory board… and many more besides.

Recruiting - Executive Search - Industries - Automotive


Recruiting - Executive Search - Industries - Mechanical and Plant Engineering

Mechanical and Plant

Recruiting - Executive Search - Industries - Logistics and Supply Chain

Logistics / Supply Chain

Recruiting - Executive Search - Industries - Electronics

Electrical and Electronics Industry

Recruiting - Executive Search - Industries - Renewable Energy

Renewables and
Energy Industry

Recruiting - Executive Search - Industries - Lifestyle Luxury


Our Values

What sets us apart.

We dig

Diamonds are uncovered by digging deep into the earth. Similarly, we delve deep into the markets to bring quality to light. Since we know where to look, we can help you achieve your goal with greater speed. Our carefully curated portfolio of suitable candidates is a valuable starting point. Our proven search method also helps us track down hidden talents.

We grow

Developing together continually – this is where our strength lies. This is reflected in our long-standing relationships with the companies for whom we work, the candidates we support, and our specialized network of partners. This close relationship helps us to continuously improve and fill positions faster with those candidates who, by satisfying all the criteria of our 5-pro model, prove to be the perfect match.

We lead
the way.

Anyone seeking leaders must themselves offer leadership. That is what we do. By communicating regularly with all parties and taking a committed approach, everyone knows exactly where we are throughout the project. We offer a clearly structured process, from first contact to successful placement, and are willing to be measured against discernible progress.

We are

You can expect straight answers from us. As a sincere sparring partner, we lay the facts on the table, provide honest feedback, and reflect critically on expectations. Together we have the same goal: the “perfect match”, the high-carat diamond. Having to eliminate a candidate who is not of “flawless” quality is also part of the process.


Six steps to success

Executive Search - Six steps to success
Executive Search - Recruitment in six steps

Mandate & client briefing

  • Detailed discussion of brief
  • Definition of leadership skills and key performance requirements
  • Determination of specifics and coordination with the client
  • Provision of a project plan and time schedule, and regular project updates
Executive Search - Six steps to success
Executive Search - Recruitment in 6 steps

Market research and identification of potential candidates

  • Definition of the search strategy
  • Systematic direct search using all available methods
Executive Search - Six steps to success
Executive Search - Recruitment in 6 steps

Direct approach to candidates

  • Structured approach to candidates
  • Regular verbal or written project updates
Executive Search - Six steps to success
Executive Search - Recruitment in 6 steps

Personal interviews

  • Interviews with external and, if applicable, internal candidates
  • Assessment of professional and personal skills for assumption of the role
  • Creation of a shortlist
  • Preparation of confidential candidate reports
Executive Search - Six steps to success
Executive Search - Recruitment in 6 steps

Introduction of candidates

  • We are present at all introductions
  • Résumé and definition of further steps
  • Obtaining references, option to perform the Hogan assessment
Executive Search - Six steps to success
Executive Search - Recruitment in 6 steps


  • Involvement in contractual discussions – if desired
  • Regular contact and coaching services during the onboarding phase for 12 months


A strong core team, complemented by a network of specialists.

Prötzl Executive Search - Herbert Prötzl

Dipl.-Ing. Herbert Prötzl | Managing Partner

Shines with …

Shines with

  • 30 years of comprehensive consulting experience in executive search for medium-sized and subsidiary companies
  • tremendous empathy
  • the ability to quickly gain trust
  • a neutral and respectful approach to mediation and negotiation
  • sustainable relationship management

Driven by

  • the sparkle in the eyes of clients when introducing the most suitable candidates
  • successful, long-lasting placements
  • his loved ones
  • motorcycling and Andalusia

Karin Baum | Partner

Shines with …

Shines with

  • 30 years’ executive search experience in medium-sized and large (family) businesses
  • skills and long-term results
  • professional and trusting relationship with customers and candidates
  • open dialogue with customers and candidates
  • structured project management

Driven by

  • successful long-term candidate placements
  • proactive and open communication
  • family and friends
  • being outdoors in nature, playing golf and travelling

Proetzl Executive Search Recruiting München Johannes Homann

Johannes Homann | Partner

Shines with …

Shines with

  • 20 years of consulting in executive search for medium-sized companies
  • specialization in the DACH region
  • individual approach, customized to the requirements of all persons involved
  • confidential and discreet cooperation
  • long-standing business relationships

Driven by

  • optimized and sustainable filling of positions
  • the DKFZ in Heidelberg and Kinderkrebshilfe e.V.
  • interpersonal relationships
  • cooking and family travel

Prötzl Executive Search - Claudia Donath

Claudia Donath | Senior Consultant

Shines with …

Shines with

  • more than 12 years’ experience in research for medium-sized and subsidiary companies
  • a strong focus on service
  • structured, tailored executive search methods
  • open, trustworthy communication
  • making and maintaining contacts

Driven by

  • searching for ideal candidates for our clients
  • learning about people’s different journeys with all their highs and lows
  • her children and her dog
  • walking, swimming, ice baths, handicrafts

Proetzl Executive Search Recruiting München Louisa Kreuz

Louisa Kreuz | Consultant

Shines with …

Shines with

  • experience in contract management and customer service
  • curiosity and a passion for innovation
  • solution orientation
  • empathy

Driven by

  • sustainability and social responsibility
  • nature and animals
  • scuba diving, marathon, triathlon
  • family and friends

Prötzl Executive Search - Alisha Friedrich

Alisha Friedrich | Executive Assistant

Shines with …

Shines with

  • Several years’ experience as a team and executive assistant
  • the utmost attention to detail
  • integration skills
  • optimism
  • proficiency in Microsoft programs

Driven by

  • joint successes
  • esthetics and design
  • freedom, travel, nature, animals, and her family

Prötzl Executive Search - Lisa Graf

Lisa Graf | Project Assistant

Shines with …

Shines with

  • an analytical eye
  • precision
  • a strong focus on the essentials
  • friendliness

Driven by

  • clarity
  • short, direct routes
  • effectiveness
  • mountain hiking

Proetzl Executive Search Recruiting München Fabian Hebauer

Fabian Hebauer | Project Assistant

Shines with …

Shines with

  • enthusiasm for new projects
  • teamwork
  • volunteering: Youth management basketball department
  • optimism

Driven by

  • motivated and respectful cooperation
  • family and friends
  • sunshine, skiing and basketball

Prötzl Executive Search - Felix Landinger

Felix Landinger | Project Consultant

Shines with …

Shines with

  • several years’ experience as a client advisor
  • a strong focus on service
  • rapport
  • resilience
  • open, trustworthy communication

Driven by

  • team achievements
  • sales
  • travel, animals, family, skiing, and many other outdoor activities

Prötzl Executive Search - Tobias Landinger

Tobias Landinger | Project Assistant

Shines with …

Shines with

  • openness to new topics, tasks, and activities
  • boundless energy
  • an optimistic outlook
  • experience as a trainer and youth leader of a swimming club
  • a high degree of flexibility

Driven by

  • his studies and his job
  • faraway countries and foreign cultures
  • political and social issues
  • sports, especially swimming
  • his family

proetzl executive search - Theresa Proetzl

Theresa Prötzl | Project Assistant

Shines with …

Shines with

  • openness and empathy
  • teamwork
  • tolerance
  • humour

Driven by

  • harmony and a good cooperation
  • challenges
  • family and good friends
  • bikepacking and hiking

Prötzl Executive Search - Kerstin Danzl

Kerstin Danzl | Systemic Coach

Shines with …

Shines with

  • a deep understanding of the experiences and behaviour of people in professional environments
  • strategies that help people channel their energy
  • and uncomplicated and solution-focused approach
  • openness, optimism, and cheerfulness

Driven by

  • personality development and mindset work
  • inspiring people and empowering them to succeed
  • travel and foreign cultures
  • spending time in the Tyrol

Prötzl Executive Search - Almut Tiba-Ehlers

Almut Tiba-Ehlers | Success Coach

Shines with …

Shines with

  • 30 years’ experience in HR
  • many years of leadership experience in top management
  • professional communication (analogue & remote)
  • business coaching with soul
  • empathy, intuition, and humour

Driven by

  • lifelong learning
  • a curiosity for people and situations
  • enjoying life through all the senses
  • art and culture
  • a huge family

Prötzl Executive Search - Dr. Ralf Schmechta

Dr. Ralf Schmechta | Business and Organisational Consulting

Shines with …

Shines with

  • doctorate in the fields of human resources management, organisational development and business informatics
  • 25 years of hands-on experience in analysis, design and implementation of HR and organisational processes and systems
  • internationally successful in building and restructuring organisational structures and management teams
  • experienced change manager and trustworthy sparring partner for managing directors, board members and shareholders
  • accompanying family businesses and corporations of different industries and sizes

Driven by

  • sustainable organisational structures and innovative system solutions
  • modern management cultures with a focus on trust and appreciation
  • strong and dynamic teams with a high level of personal responsibility
  • getting to know new people from different cultures
  • true friendship and motorcycling


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